Whalley Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation & Gym

Our rehabilitation gym is fully furnished with both cardiovascular and free standing equipment that can be used to tailor a return to sport or work after injury.

All exercise programmes are coordinated and overseen by a Physiotherapist or a Personal Trainer with a specific interest in rehabilitation. They may be on a one-to-one basis or in a small class situation.

• Individual sessions are often done in conjunction with physiotherapy treatment, the exercise programme being progressed with improvement of the pain or joint limitation.

• 4 week progressive shoulder and posture rehab classes run for people with shoulder and neck pain

• 6 week classes run for back builders – the aim being to improve knowledge and understanding of the back problem so that you can manage the problem with strengthening, proprioceptive and mobility exercises.

• Ski fit classes are running now to improve all round fitness and the all important core and leg strength that is essential to get the most out of your ski trip.

The classes are put together by instructors that ski themselves and have a key understanding of what is needed and incorporates specific equipment such as the Skiers Edge


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