Whalley Physiotherapy

Biomechanical Assessment

biomechanicalBiomechanical assessments
Sometimes when you’re injured it’s too late! If you are considering taking up running or cycling why don’t you book in for a hours assessment to ensure you have all the advice and exercises necessary to make your chosen sport as effective and injury free as possible.

Running Assessment
Working as a team of Physio, podiatrist and fitness trainer we can provide a comprehensive assessment of all factors related to running injuries. Using video motor analysis to look at your running patterns we can explain the biomechanics and assess any muscle imbalances in length or strength that may lead to trauma or overuse injuries.

Dynamic bike assessments
Again as a team we can look at the appropriate joints, muscle imbalances, posture and foot biomechanics on and off the bike to maximise your comfort and efficiency whether you are a competitive time trials’ cyclist or an enthusiastic weekend cyclist.

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