Whalley Physiotherapy

Team Initiation

Following on from a month chockablock with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) we decided that we would take part in a team work exercise with the newest members of our team ( Gemma & Harry) along with a few of our patients that have been on the road to recovery and wanted to test their mud capabilities. We felt that a few of you, our patients and friends would enjoy laughing at the results…..

Pre Mud 2016 Pre-run we had sunshine and smiley faces.

We took part in the 12k Major Series 2016, the Major’s Northern event is held in the stately grounds of Bramham Park, near Leeds. The grand home sitting in the centre of the Estate is a sight to behold. However, the Major’s troops were more interested in transforming the multitude of muddy bogs, thick woods and river crossings that surround it into the biggest most challenging mud obstacle course around. As our legs ran across muddy trenches, through cold-water lakes and wild terrain, our imagination also ran wild as we were immersed in each amazing obstacle zone. Rest assured, the 40-strong platoon of troops lined the course to support and guide us with a smile, yells of encouragement, and a helping hand along the way (along with a few water bombs and mud splashes). It’s safe to say that Harry and Gemma are now firmly part of the team!

Muddy Patients

Muddy Team 2016

Jane post mud

FINISH Mud 2016

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