Whalley Physiotherapy

July Update

Goodness what a month its been here at Whalley Physiotherapy in terms of our 15 Challenges to celebrate 15 years of Whalley Physiotherapy!

Anne has completed summit 5/15 so is a third of the way through her challenge! She managed to conquer Cow Hill whilst on her Scottish jaunt.

Becca completed Manchester’s Pretty Muddy at the weekend with two far fitter running friends. She is loved the mud however the speed her friends made her run at was terrifying and has decided that it truly was a huge challenge not to start a mud fight with them 😉

Pretty Muddy (2)

Jane rode the Kitzbühelhorn! This is 7 kilometers of solid uphill riding with 18 bends! Deffinately not one for the faint hearted.

Jane cycle

Finally and very impressively, a huge congratulations to patients Lexie and Jenny who battled through injury and took on a mammoth challenge in completing an Olympic Triathlon which consisted of 1500 metre swim, 10 kilometre run and 40 kilometre cycle in aid of Sue Ryder. What an amazing achievement to you both and your friends & family! ‪#‎whalleyphysio15

Sue Ryder Tri 2

Sue Ryder Tri 3

Sue Ryder Tri

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