Whalley Physiotherapy


Whalley physiotherapy gym

Our clients have the exclusive use of our own fully equipped gym, a modern and airy facility designed specifically to support our physiotherapy programmes and aid the recovery process.

Our experienced Physiotherapists can take you into the gym to ensure effective management of exercise programmes, helping our clients to get the maximum benefit from their physiotherapy.

Opening Times

The gym is open from Monday to Saturday between 08.00 and 21.00.

We will also provide Sunday gym sessions by arrangement, typically to meet individual client needs and subject to suitable staff availability.


We run fitness classes in the gym as part of our fitness and rehabilitation programmes with new classes being regularly developed and proposed.

Our current programme is:

10:00am 11:00am Pilates with Hilary
11:00am 12:00pm Pilates with Hilary
6:00pm 7:00pm Pilates with Hilary
7:00pm 8:00pm Pilates with Hilary
10:00am 11:00am Pilates with Helen
1:00pm 2.00pm ABC with Liz
5:30pm 6:30pm Pilates with Hilary
6:30pm 7:30pm Pilates with Hilary

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility and posture.




Progressive rehabilitation programmes for shoulder and neck pain sufferers, working at the core of the problem to relieve symptoms and improve posture and quality of life.