Whalley Physiotherapy

Feedback from Mrs S

Wow, what a lovely testimonial we have received from one of our wonderful patients Mrs S
“I suffered a head injury and whiplash in February 2017 with bruising to the spine and back. In March I came for help but was scared to let anyone touch me in case of further damage to my body. Jane appreciated this and understood the need to negotiate my way back to fitness. Her concern instilled confidence in me and she made an assessment.
The weekly care was a lifeline. I was housebound and isolated with slight memory loss, word confusion and disorientation. She allowed me to talk as she worked ‘hands on’.
The chats were a therapeutic bonus and I found myself laughing again. Each week she reminded me of how far I’d come, how I was doing, and where I would be the next week.
Simple exercises to do at home helped too, its been a long journey back to fitness.
Its been worth every penny and I’m grateful to everyone for their care and attention.
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