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April Challenge Update

Its a busy month here at Whalley Physiotherapy. Many of you know Sarah Shuttleworth who works on Thursday night and Saturday mornings has been in training for the Manchester Marathon! Here’s what she has had to say about her #Whalleyphysio15 challenge:

“I have been training hard as I am aiming to complete my first marathon on Sunday 19th April. I have been intensively training since January through all kinds of weather (rain, wind, freezing temperatures and even some snow) all over the Ribble Valley.
As with many marathon trainees, I have suffered a couple of injuries along the way making the challenge even more difficult. First it was a metatarsal problem requiring physio treatment and enforced rest for 3 weeks. Secondly I had a patellofemoral problem, again I needed treatment, excercises and taping to get me race ready.
Now with only a few days to go my friend and I are getting very nervous and excited for the 26.2 mile course in Manchester. My friend Sophie Brooks and I are running for a fantastic cause, the Cancer Research UK charity.”

If anyone would like to sponsor our lovely Sarah it would be gratefully recieved and really spur her on.
The link is

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