The Whalley Physiotherapy Clinic boasts a wide range of treatments designed to improve the quality of life and personal performance of our clients, whether providing relief from musculoskeletal problems or enhancing fitness for sports activities. The specific therapy offered to the client is selected to suit their exact needs as directed by our own expert physiotherapy assessment procedures.

Key treatments include:

Biomechanical Assessment Biomechanical Assessment

Building strength, restoring balance, improving core stability, maintaining fitness; exercise therapy aids recovery and helps to avoid problems developing.

Occupational Health Occupational Health

Occupational Physiotherapy is the first stop to improving the health and productivity of your workforce helping your organisation to maximise their prime asset - the workforce.

Traction Traction

Not a mediaeval torture, but an effective mechanical therapy used to treat leg and arm pain arising from spinal disc problems.

Massage Therapies Massage Therapies

Remedial massage and the deeper, more intense sports massage; hands-on therapy to treat soft tissue injury and strains.

Electrotherapy Electrotherapy

Ultrasound (sound wave), laser and Interferential (electrical signal) therapies providing increased circulation, reduction in swelling and pain relief through deep stimulation within affected areas.

Manual Therapy Manual Therapy

Hands-on treatments which include Mobilisation and Manipulation therapies, focusing on joints, myofascial tissues, muscles, nerves and ligaments to reduce pain and improve flexibility.